Circle of  Men



Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. 

We are a Men's Group called Circle of Men based in Central New York, formed on July 6, 2018 on a Friday evening with four men: Pedro, Robert, Ken, and Louis.

We are a sacred space for men to feel, to share, to connect, to explore, to grow, to believe, to encourage, to heal, to love, to create, to serve, and to laugh. 


The purpose of this Men’s Group is to focus on the area of Personal Growth and Development and supporting positive relationships within the Brotherhood and in our communities. 


We exist in order to encourage, engage, equip, and empower the lives of men. 


Our vision is to be a vibrant growing community of mature, masculine leaders, enriching the lives of each other as we develop a network of Men’s Circles.


1) Relationships: To honor, respect and give quality time to our relationships, such as: families, wives, partners, and friendships.

2) Self-Improvement:   We seek to maintain a well-balanced view of personal stewardship. We strive to grow in our emotional literacy, and in our mental, physical, and spiritual well being. 

3) Honor: We strive to be honest in our words and deeds and when we fail to humbly admit it to ourselves and others.  We listen deeply, speak frankly and support men to discover their own truth. We hold ourselves responsible for our actions in the spirit of integrity, respect and honesty.

4) Acceptance: To honor ourselves and others by striving and maintaining attitudes of civility, humility, open-mindedness, positivity, teachability, and understanding. To embrace all men regardless who they are, where they are from, or what they are doing. We practice deep, non-judgmental compassion.

5) Insights: To honor ourselves and others through the means of gleaning from diverse perspectives, insights and experiences from others and the collective wisdom of other Traditions. We welcome and encourage the journey of exploration, self-discovery, self-education, and diversity; with no need for conformity or agreements regarding belief systems and cultural worldviews.

6) Service:  We strive to explore opportunities to serve others in the spirit of collaboration, contribution, and partnerships.