Latino Men's Circle

Pedro L. Rodriguez, the founder, leader and facilitator of the established Circle of Men based in Central New York, started on May 23, 2021, the Latino Men's Circle alongside his close spiritual friend, Wilfredo Medina, who is also an active member of the Circle of Men.

The PURPOSE of this Latino Men’s Circle is to foster an intentional community of men that are committed to contributing, connecting, conversing and supporting one another in the pursuit of personal growth, personal development, and positive brotherhood.      

Our MISSION we exist in order to encourage, engage, and empower the lives of Latino-Hispanic men. 

Our VISION is to create a sacred space specifically for Latino-Hispanic Men and to be a vibrant growing community of well-balanced multi-dimensional men, enriching the lives of each other while creating a strong positive community of brotherhood and developing a network of Latino Men’s Circles.    

Our VALUES are Relationships, Self-Improvement, Honor, Acceptance, Insights and Service. 

Our INTENTIONS are to foster and experience the following: