1) Is the Circle of Men an in-person group?

Our Circle was formed as an in-person group. Due to our National Public Health Crisis (Covid-19), we have transitioned to Virtual Gatherings through ZOOM. This has allowed us to continue supporting one another during these unsettling times.

2) What is the cost of attending the Gatherings?

Our Circle of Men gatherings are free of charge to attend. We do have a Suggested Donation of $5.00 or more whenever possible towards the Circle of Men Funds for each Gathering that members attend. First time visitors are always welcome without giving any donation. Our members individually and collectively financially support our group.

3) Why was this Men's Group formed?

This Men's Group was formed out of a desire for men to experience connection, community, support, brotherhood, friendship, exploration, growth, and accountability with like-minded men within a sacred and safe environment.

4) How many members are there in this Men’s Group?

Currently, we have 8 active and contributing members. Our intention is for our gatherings to be limited to 12 men in order to aid the process of connection, bonding, trust, communication and friendship during the gatherings. Our intention is to remain a small Men’s Group and once our membership grows beyond this number a new group will be formed. In the past several months, we have received six new members, and have had 10 visitors in total as of March 2021. Our current members are from Central New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and other locations.

5) Is this a Recovery-based group or Therapy-based group?

We are not a Recovery-based group nor a Therapy-based group. Nevertheless, our gatherings can be a therapeutic experience and it can also serve as a positive community for individuals in personal recovery. Our Men's Group is not a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis or treatment, or a substitute for Traditional or Non-Traditional Recovery-focused groups. We encourage and support individuals to seek professional help and assistance outside of our Men's Circles.

6) Is the Circle of Men a political or religious group, or Anti-group of any sort?

We are NOT a religious or political group, nor an Anti-group of any sort. As a Men’s Group we support and practice Universal Principles such as: affirming human dignity, love, compassion, respect, civility, individual freedom, individual conscience, human flourishing, benevolence, generosity, hospitality, altruism, integrity, honesty, truthfulness, understanding, reason, growth, responsibility, and spirituality.

7) Is the Circle of Men a Spiritual Development Community?

Yes, from a holistic integrative perspective - we desire to learn, grow, and develop in our body, mind, spirit and soul.

  • We are a Spiritual Development Community in the spirit of compassion, grace, humility, civility, diversity, inclusivity, hospitality, generosity, exploration, growth, learning and understanding.

  • We are freely open to spirituality and it's diversity of expressions and practices.

  • We support and encourage spiritual growth and development.

  • We respect and value each other’s chosen personal spirituality or religious faith, while maintaining and extending respect and civility to all others who don’t subscribe to neither.

  • Currently, all members within our Men’s Group hold Spirituality as one of their personal values. Some are committed to their own personal religious faith.

  • We do not impose upon the human conscience religion or spirituality.

  • We live in a pluralistic society, so therefore, we respect all traditions - religious, spiritual , political, scientific, or philosophical perspectives.

8) What is the format of our Gatherings?

  • Silence - We begin our Circle by sitting in silent meditation for a few minutes.

  • Welcome - We begin with a few opening words or with a reflective quote.

  • Introduction - We begin with words of introduction. Mention your name and after that state, “And with that, I’m In”

  • Agreements - We begin by reading our shared Agreements.

  • Check-In Round - We go around individually and reply to our common six questions that are found in our Guide . We use “I” statements when we speak.

  • Conversational Theme - We have interactive theme-driven conversations.

  • Check-Out Rounds - We go around briefly individually and share any take away insights, thoughts, feelings or emotions , or feedback. Share one “I AM” positive affirmation and after that state, “I’m Out”.

  • Closing Remarks

9) Is the Circle of Men affiliated with an established Men's Organization or Network?

No. We were founded as a free, independent and unaffiliated Men's Group. But nevertheless, we consider ourselves within the tradition of the Men's Work space. We do however, welcome and are open to network with other Men’s Circles. Men’s Groups arose in modern times out of the Mythopoetic Men’s Movement which originated in the USA from the early 1980s through the 1990s. Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mythopoetic_men%27s_movement

10) What does your logo mean? Answer